The #1 killer of dentists is stress-related early cardiovascular disease.

Emotional illness is the third ranking health problem among dentists.

Dentists suffer psycho-neurotic disorders at 2.5 times the rate of physicians.

Dentists are 25% more likely to suffer from coronary disease and high blood pressure than non-dentists.

Dentists are more than 2 times likely to take their own lives than the general population.

Dentistry is an Intense profession.

You help people in distress every. single. day.

You constantly support your patients, your team, and your family.

Now there’s a resource that supports YOU.


This is life-support for dentists.

There is more to life than what happens in this room.

Take a moment for yourself and do this simple self-assessment.


The results will give you your next step.

Yes … there’s a horse.

It takes a Lot to deal with the challenges of being a dentist. There are times it takes something really big, like a horse, to show us a new perspective and finally gain some relief.

Changing our lens from seeing threats and lack (which many of us have been conditioned to do from a very young age) to seeing resources and feeling inspired is one of the gifts the horses give us. There are So Many more.

You’ll never forget what a 1200-lb animal teaches you. Come and find out what lessons they will share with you.

No horse experience is necessary and there is no riding.

This Coaching Method is Scientifically Proven.

Using the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (which was developed by Melisa Pearce, an innovative leader in the horse-human healing movement), you will be guided through an experience that leaves you very positively shifted. This coaching process is profound. For the past decade, the EGCMethod has been helping people change from the Inside-Out, where it matters most.

Watch the video here to see the results of a ground-breaking scientific study that resulted in unprecedented positive responses.